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The Importance of Red Paw Emergency Relief Team to the Community

It's difficult to explain the way I feel about my dogs. But, one of the greatest pleasures in my life, hands down, is having Rosie and Reilly, my gorgeous labrador retrievers in it. When I have had just one of those days - a day where everything feels like a struggle - Reilly and Rosie greet me at the door of my home as if I were the absolute center of the entire universe and suddenly, everything seems right with the world again. I'm absolutely convinced that they know when I don't feel well. Those days, they seem to deeply study every facial expression, every move and provide me with the most cuddling and "kisses".

My Beautiful Labrador Retrievers, Reilly and Rosie

Yes, my husband and I are one of those crazy pet owners that provides only the best and seemingly most expensive dog food invented. In addition, I am also 99.9% sure we work so hard so that they can have the best life possible and enjoy the finer things in life like attending an animal resort complete with a salt water pool in the shape of a dog bone and a hotel "suite" playing 24 hours of Animal Planet.

But seriously, anyone that knows me personally knows there's two things I am super passionate about. The first one being animals. The second, insurance. By knowing these two key facts about me, it shouldn't surprise anyone that I fell in love with the philosophy of a non-profit that I had no idea even existed, Red Paw Emergency Relief Team.

Everyday I manage risk for businesses. For example, I help determine whether they could financially tolerate a loss without income because an overhead transmission line was down. But, working in commercial insurance, I don't typically analyze risks associated with an individual or family if there was a severe loss to their home. And, I never thought, more specifically, about what would happen if a family suffers a devastating loss that includes a pet that they admire and love as much as I do my own. We have insurance to rebuild homes but there's no insurance available - if a disaster affects a family - that their animal will receive emergency services or will eventually be part of their family again after this rough time passes.

On Sunday, June 3rd, I was fortunate enough to represent Nottingham Insurance at the World of Animals' Sunday Funday to benefit Red Paws Emergency Relief Team. In addition, I had the honor of speaking with the founder of the organization, Jennifer Leary. After learning more, it was no mystery why this was the fourth time World of Animals held this very important event.

Most specifically, this amazing organization provides emergency services to animals displaced by disaster situations along with many other services that can be found on their website: Jennifer explained that there are several veterinarians and kennels in the area, including World of Animals, that will take care of these family-owned animals for the first several hours to several weeks following a tragedy. A Philadelphia Fire Fighter and Red Cross Emergency Responder, Jennifer experienced these emergencies first hand and the lack of care of the animals involved in the disasters.

I have so much respect for the individuals involved in this organization and would love to get the word out about what they do in any way I can. Whether it is fundraising, being an Emergency Responder, a veterinarian or kennel involved in the cause, these are amazing and selfless people that have love for animals (the way my husband and I do) and the people that hold them dear.

Excuse me while I hold my dogs a little closer tonight, knowing they are a little safer because of these brave people and their amazing organization.

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